We are THRILLED and EXCITED to present our wonderful new everyday stationery concept. After many years of soul searching and compiling the best design team possible, we created a concept which is simply mind-blowing. An amazing concept comprising of 7 different ranges, all produced with the finest materials we could source. From high quality faux leather to sophisticated champagne gold foils, all created with a keen eye on special paper materials and accessories. The House of Stationery was created a few years ago, when a dedicated team of creative artists came together with the task of creating something exceptional and beautiful in the line of stationery. The brief was simple yet challenging : “Create a concept without boundaries or limits and simply fulfil everyone’s wishes regarding taste, design and collectivity.”

Do we have your attention now? ….

The appeal of Allure is timeless as it is chic.

The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy, independence and playfulness.

All Things under the Sun. Inspired by the actual ECO trend.

Jamboree is hip, trendy and young.

Blueberry Pie. Two trendy and stylish stationery lines.